May 20 Opinion

A Picture of Belonging

Michael Spratt, the Moorditj Mob cultural advisor has created a painting depicting Wesley Boarding and the various routes students take to get to Wesley.

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May 15 Blog

Five Reasons Why Being a Boarder is Awesome!

Deciding if going to boarding school is for you? Nervous about it? Here’s five great reasons why being a boarder is fantastic!

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Apr 20 Blog

Activities to Keep Your Children Moving During COVID-19

With the Coronavirus keeping children at home, you’ll love these inventive ways to help them burn off energy!

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Apr 7 Blog

Rev Nalin Perera’s Easter Message

Wesley College Chaplain,  Rev Nalin Perera, believes this is an Easter like never before – or is it? Read his Easter article here.

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Mar 27 Blog

10 Tips for Setting Up a Space for Home Learning During Coronavirus

Coronavirus has changed everything. With more and more children about to start doing their schoolwork from home a lot of parents are asking: ‘How do I set up home workspace for my children during Covid-19?’ It’s an important question, so we thought it might be useful to come up with a few tips to help…

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Mar 25 News

Wesley moves to online learning

Wesley College has announced that it will transition its students to online learning from Tuesday 31 March.

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Mar 17 Blog

Why do we learn the things we do?

What is the point of education – and do ATAR results reflect its purpose? Wesley’s Deputy Head (Operations and Pastoral), Nathan Jessup, explores the issue.

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Mar 10 News

The Magic of Moorditj by Moonlight

More than 1,600 people gathered at Wesley College last week to celebrate the strength of our Indigenous culture here in Perth. Read on to see what happened!

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Mar 8 Opinion, The Wesleyan

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is an important issue for all of us at Wesley College. Here, Deputy Head Nathan Jessup explores this important topic.

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