Feb 19 Opinion

What is nude food and why should we embrace it?

What if you could save the planet and feed your kids better all in one go? Chair of Wesley’s Sustainability Committee, Mrs Anna Sellings, has a plan…   Nude food is a huge topic at the moment. Parents always react to the phrase in the same way: a moment of confusion about the word ‘nude’…

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Feb 17 Blog

Help in times of need

Wesley Friends is a confidential voluntary service which provides practical support to anyone in our community during times of need. if you need help, Wesley Friends is available.

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Feb 13 Blog, Opinion

How do you help an anxious child?

All children are capable of their own form of greatness. But for many, anxiety shuts down their capability to discover their potential. How do you help children and teens take control of their anxiety and feel in control again? Guest blogger, Karen Young explains.

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Feb 11 Opinion

10 factors to consider before choosing a boarding school in WA

Choosing a boarding school is a tough decision. Hopefully, this guide will provide you with a list of the most important factors to consider while choosing between boarding houses.

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Feb 10 News

Introducing our new undercover area!

Like all things at Wesley, an area that may initially appear simple has been developed with great planning and attention to detail, to ensure it is as innovative as possible. Find out what makes our new undercover area unique.

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Feb 10 Wyvern Corner Office

Brad Russell-Lane – Getting the Balance Right

After 30 years at Woodside Energy, Brad Russell-Lane (81-85) stepped away from paid employment to focus on the things most important to him – family, volunteering, mentoring others and his hobbies. A proven leader and former Vice President of Supply Chain/Logistics and Commercial at Woodside, Brad knows what businesses look for in potential employees, and has a strong understanding of what it takes to be a positive leader.

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Feb 10 Teacher Spotlight, The Wesleyan

A Passion for the Moorditj Mob

We caught a minute with Wesley’s College’s Indigenous Program Coordinator, Dan Barnes, to find out what drew him to the College.

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Feb 3 Blog, The Wesleyan

Discover Wesley’s Sustainability Garden

Head of Junior School, Maria Hodges, explains the importance of the Sustainability Garden for boys and girls in the Junior School.

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Jan 30 News

The Class of 2019 and Beyond

2019 College Captain, Ben Roshkov, and budding filmmaker Jamie Chambers have caught up with their Class of 2019 peers to see what everyone’s been up to since leaving Wesley.

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