Dec 17 Opinion

Wesley College achieves its best ATAR results in 15 years!

There is a well-known saying: ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’. That certainly comes to mind as we celebrate Wesley College’s best ATAR results in 15 years, with a median score of 88.7.

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Dec 14 Academics, Announcements, Opinion, Staff News, Student News

Read the Summer edition of The Wesleyan online now!

The Summer 2018 edition of The Wesleyan is packed with exciting stories. Titled ‘The Legacy Edition’ we look at the achievements of departing Headmaster, Mr David Gee as well as welcoming our new Head of College, Mr Ross Barron. We also follow the boys into the Bush as part of their Katitjin experience, meet the new…

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Dec 4 Staff News, Student News

An Advent message from our College Chaplain, Rev Nalin Perera

My greetings to the entire Wesley Community – past, present and future. We are now in the Season of Advent, heralding in the Christmas season. It is a story endlessly told of God’s irretrievable commitment to all humankind. However, in our very frenzy-driven commercial environment, it is often a little difficult to talk of the…

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Nov 29 Opinion

The best education will reveal itself 10 years after graduation

By Linda Stade   At what point do we judge the success of a child’s education? On the day of their graduation when they are beaming with joy and overflowing with potential? On the day they receive the results of their final exams? Wesley College Headmaster, David Gee, says… Neither. He says we should measure…

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Nov 23 Academics, Opinion

Understanding Wesley College’s teaching and learning philosophy

By Dean of Research and Pedagogy, Deborah Netolicky   At Wesley College, students and staff alike are supported to live our College vision and motto: to lead purposeful lives by daring and by doing. While Wesley provides its students with a myriad of wonderful opportunities—including in the areas of service and leadership—at the core of…

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Nov 20 Opinion

Pathways to opportunity – a look at Wesley’s Indigenous scholarships

Wesley’s commitment to Indigenous scholarships has seen dozens of boys seize the opportunity to expand their horizons. Educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students have long been plagued by poor attendance, health, intergenerational poverty and disadvantage. Wesley College, over the past 10 years, has seen remarkable achievements in this area and, in many…

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Nov 5 Announcements

Wesley Opens Gallery of Honour

Wesley College has opened a Gallery of Honour which seeks to recognise Old Collegians whose endeavours, commitments and feats exemplify Wesley’s ‘by daring and by doing’ motto. Among the 31 inaugural inductees are AFL player Buddy Franklin, ballet dancer Steven Heathcote, tennis legend Arthur Marshall, Olympic rower Glen Loftus, writer Peter Cowan, musician Mat Jodrell, Anglicare…

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Oct 30 Opinion

What do children really need to know before they start school?

By Linda Stade   Starting school is an important milestone for a child. For parents, it is often exciting and stressful in equal parts. Is he ready? Will she cope with the long days? Have we done enough reading and counting? Have we picked the right school? According to Wesley College’s Head of Junior School,…

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Oct 30 Opinion

The importance of commitment

Commitment comes in many forms. In his book Outliers—The Story of Success Malcolm Gladwell propagated the statement, ‘researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.’ That’s proved true for our teachers, who put in countless hours that pupils and parents don’t see, working on preparation, reflection,…

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Oct 4 Opinion

Raising gentle-men

There are so many parenting books out there about how to bring up boys so that they become good men. The market is fed by a media that is focussed on ‘toxic masculinity’, male violence and horror stories from the #Me Too movement. In this climate, it is little wonder we are searching for an…

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