Jun 12 Staff News, Student News

The Cliver Hamer Wing opens!

The newly-refurbished space is to become a magnet for innovation, where Wesley students can move their ideas forward and learn the skills that will be needed for the jobs of tomorrow.

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May 31 Opinion

The importance of volunteering for young men

This time of year sees a steady stream of Year 12 students visiting me in my office. They drop in for a chat and to request a statement outlining their volunteer history, including the names of the organisations and the time they spent volunteering with these groups. Increasingly, students are gaining credit for entry into…

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May 23 Staff News, Student News

Broadway comes to Wesley with our annual production

Today saw students take to the stage for the first of four performances of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

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May 16 Opinion

Boarding: Kids From The Bush Thriving In The City

How do you deal with the idea of having to send your child to boarding school at twelve years of age?  At any age? The idea of a splintered family? Knowing that you won’t be able to give your child a cuddle when they’re feeling hurt or disappointed, or just having a bad day? Thousands of parents in regional Australia wrestle with these fears while trying to make the best decisions possible for their children’s future.

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May 12 Staff News, Student News

Wesley College smashes records at Relay for Life 2018

The College does hundreds of things we’re very proud of, but our position as the world’s number one fundraising school for Relay for Life is probably the most outstanding.

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May 4 Staff News, Student News

Welcoming back our Pioneers

Yesterday we welcomed our Pioneers back to Wesley College. The Pioneers are Old Boys who graduated more than 50 years ago. We were also delighted to welcome the class of 1968 into the fold.

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May 1 Staff News, Student News

Glen Gerreyn impresses parents and students

Glen Gerreyn gave an exceptional WES Talk to a packed room of parents yesterday.

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Apr 25 Opinion

Wesley’s unique ANZAC Day tradition, to remember the 56 Old Boys who gave their lives for our nation

Today is ANZAC Day. For many of you who have attended our OWCA ANZAC Day Service before, Wesley College’s tradition of the vacant chair is well-known.

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Apr 15 Staff News, Student News

Meet the Year 6 pupil studying Year 11 Mathematics

Wesley College was delighted when The Sunday Times chose to recognise the efforts of one of our pupils this week. Joel Bariss is to be found in Year 6 lessons for most subjects, but when it comes to Mathematics Joel and his classmates head in different directions so Joel can study with Year 11 pupils. His acceleration…

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Apr 13 Opinion

Tips to get young children reading

Creating a love of reading will help your child associate happiness and good memories with settling into a good book!

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