Oct 4 Opinion

The hustle behind Wesley’s bustle

When Wesley College is humming along at its best, it runs like a well-oiled machine. Of course, like a machine, there are a lot of cogs — that you can’t always see — working smoothly together to make the passing of the hours seem effortless for the students. But it is this commitment — from…

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Sep 3 Opinion

Wesley College named as one of Australia’s most innovative schools

Wesley College has been named as an Innovative School by The Educator, the leading Australian resource for senior educational professionals.

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Aug 23 Opinion

When does your child’s love of gaming become an addiction?

Parents dealing with Fortnite, and games like it,  have the added concerns of: “Is this affecting my child’s health? Is my child addicted?”

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Aug 22 Opinion

Advice abounds as Old Collegians return to mentor current students

Seventeen Old Collegians returned to share their experience and advice with our 2018 leavers. It’s great to see how Wesleyans support each other, even after school has finished.

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Aug 2 Staff News, Student News

Wesley College treads new ground with a Scientist in Residence

Head of Junior School, Maria Hodges, explains why Wesley College is the first primary school in WA to engage a Scientist in Residence.

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Jul 29 Opinion

The keys to teaching your child about consent

What do parents and schools need to teach children to make sure they contribute to a culture of sexual respect?

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Jul 12 Opinion

Innovative learning spaces: More than just fancy classrooms

Our learning spaces are not just beautiful buildings and spectacular classrooms with the latest technology. They are brought to life by the students and staff who use them with ingenuity and intentionality.

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Jun 27 Opinion

How to clear the way for boys’ learning

Walking around a school at lunchtime boys seem very content. There is lots of play, laughter, banter and joking around. But what is happening in their learning? Are schools and parents letting boys down when it comes to education?

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Jun 15 Opinion

It’s Men’s Health Week, and this year’s theme “HEALTHY BODY – HEALTHY MIND: KEEPING THE BALANCE” explores the different ways men and boys are managing to keep healthy, physically and emotionally, in a busy and sometimes challenging world.

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Jun 14 Opinion

What is digital technology doing to children’s bodies?

We live in strange times when teenagers cannot touch their toes but their parents can. According to sports scientists, that is our new reality. Current research shows that our teenagers’ bodies are showing significant evidence of their digital lives. Unless parents and schools respond appropriately, the consequences will be that our young people will experience greater rates of painful injury and poorer long-term quality of life.

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