Wesley College is a PSA school. We are proud of being an innovative learning community in which students are empowered to lead purposeful lives.

Wesley College embraces co-education in the early years.
We focus on inquiry-based learning in the Junior School.
Whether it's eating honey ants or serving the community, Katitjin is a special part of the Middle School experience.
Wesley's Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) program promotes sporting excellence at all ages.
We have a range of educational pathways to suit the interests of different types of student.

Our Mission

We believe that every student has powerful capabilities, skills and talents. Our goal is to support them in activating this potential in order to create their own future.

  1. Be intellectually, physically and artistically engaging.
  2. Be vibrant, caring and connected to strivefor personal best and pursue excellence.
  3. To honour our heritage and Christian foundation.

Our Motto

Our motto, Audendo Atque Agendo, represents the Wesley ethos. Whether it’s academic achievement, sporting achievement or public service, our students dare to think on a grand scale and believe in action.

By Daring & By Doing

Our Core Values

We believe in respecting the self, others and the environment.


The Wesley Impact

Wesley commits to supporting students as they become:

  1. Strong Thinkers Both academically and equipped with thinking skills that span learning areas.
  2. Purposeful Doers Apply and transfer their learning and act on their growing understanding with conviction and the courage to take risks as learners.
  3. Powerful Self Activators By developing a strong sense of self, amplifying their unique traits and becoming self-directed learners.
  4. Positive Connectors Engaging in local and global communities and acting on their values.

Our Strategic Plan