Whether an overseas student relocates to Perth with their family or if they move into the Boarding House, one thing is for sure; they will not be alone. Wesley College is a hub for students and staff from all walks of life, with our global reach including young men and women from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and China, as well as various locations across regional Australia.

Beyond the Wesley College gates and the greenery that offer students security, one can explore the local setting of South Perth. The College campus is located in one of the most liveable cities in the world and is within walking distance of the Angelo Street Village, local playing fields and the Swan River.

Wesley College embraces the diversity that comes from having students and staff from different backgrounds. Encouraging students to engage in the cultural life of the College creates a connected community. The cultural life of the school manifests itself in our academic program, assemblies, chapel, special events, international and national tours, extra-curricular activities and parent engagement. No matter where they are from, an international student, and their parents, will feel safe and welcomed at Wesley College.


What you need to know

Wesley College is registered with the Commonwealth Government, CRICOS listing 00460E, and offers the following courses. As a provider of education and training services to overseas students, the College is required to comply with the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 and Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act).

016948E Primary Education Pre-primary–Year 6 (Boys and girls, accompanied by Parents)
098524F Secondary Education Years 7-10 (Boys only, boarders or accompanied by Parents)
098525E Secondary Education Years 11-12 (Boys only, boarders or accompanied by Parents)

What Do Wesley Courses Offer?

Wesley has three sub-schools (overlapping the three courses offered). Each sub-school is different with a deliberate focus:

Junior School (Pre-primary to Year 4)

The Junior School embraces the philosophy that co-education is important in the foundation years. Boys and girls learn from each other and establish important social and emotional building blocks when in a co-educational setting.

In Pre-primary, programs are linked to the Early Years Learning Framework, the Western Australian Kindergarten Guidelines and the Western Australian Curriculum (Pre-primary) and value the explorative nature of young children and the wonder and awe of discovery.

Fundamental to learning in Years 1 to 4 is the establishment of highly proficient literacy and numeracy skills. These support the development of critical thinking, deep learning and higher order conceptual understanding. Students work with experienced specialist teachers in various areas of:

  • The Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Library
  • Philosophical
  • Religious and Ethical Perspectives
  • Indonesian and
  • Sustainability

Middle School (Year 5 – Year 8)

Middle School is supported by the expertise of a large team of staff dedicated to working with Years 5 to 8, Middle School is an exciting time for our young people. Full of spirit and energy, students at this age are learning about who they are and what they can do.

All Middle School students study:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts (performing and visual)
  • Languages (choice of French, Indonesian or Mandarin)
  • Technology and Enterprise
  • Philosophy, Religious and Ethical Perspectives
  • Service Learning and a specific Social and Emotional Learning Program designed for Middle School students.

A gradual increase in exposure to specialist teachers occurs in these years, with some grouping of students. Students have the opportunity to make choices within subjects and through academic projects, as supported by their teachers. Project-based learning occurs each term and incorporates all four core subjects, including the popular Billy Carts program where students design, build and race their own Billy Cart.

Senior School (Year 9 – Year 12)

The culture of Senior School is designed to empower young men to take greater ownership of their choices, particularly with respect to their learning (with appropriate guidance and mentoring). Students are taught by experienced specialist teachers in all subjects. From Year 9 onward the boys are expected to become more independent and accept greater responsibility for their studies, sporting commitments and co-curricular activities.

The College has an impressive range of Senior School courses, and support and guidance around course selection is available from mentors, specialist teachers and the Academic Dean.

2020 Course Booklets

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The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA)

The SCSA is the government body responsible for all school curricula, for Year 11 and 12 syllabus preparation, for monitoring comparability of standards between schools, the setting and administration of the ATAR Examinations and the certification of student results. 

Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA)

At the end of Year 12 all students will receive a WASSA (Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement). The WASSA provides a formal record of the achievements of all leaving Year 12 students as a result of their school education in Western Australia.

Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE)

The WACE is the certificate that students receive upon successful completion of their senior secondary education. It is recognised nationally in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), by universities, industry and training providers.

University entry scores achieved at Wesley College are fully transferrable to all Australian universities and many accredited, educational institutions in the United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

International Student Admission Procedure

Enroling at Wesley College is simple

Step one
Contact us

Please contact the Enrolments Office to discuss the possibility of securing a place at Wesley College.


Step Two
AEAS Entrance Test

International applicants must sit an entrance test administered by Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS). This can often be done in your home country. The results of this test should be included with your application.


Step Three
Submit Application

Submit an application to the Admissions Office.

When applying you will be asked to:

  • complete an application form
  • provide AEAS testing results and recent school reports
  • supply a copy of birth certificate and passport (photo page)
  • pay an application fee of $330


Step Four
Interview and Wesley Assessment

  • Applicants must attend an interview with the Deputy Head of College, or Head of Sub-school (SKYPE possible if the student is not visiting Perth).
  • Dependent on the AEAS results, the student may also be asked to complete a Wesley assessment as part of the pre-enrolment process.


Step Five
Letter of Offer

If your application is successful, we will send you a letter of offer.

Other Important Enrolment Information

ESL Level Guideline for entering Wesley College.

Junior School

Younger students can demonstrate competency during an interview with the Head of Junior School at Wesley College. Following this interview, and in conjunction with the student’s recent reports, enrolment is at the discretion of the Head of Junior School.

Middle and Senior Schools

Anticipated Year of Entry AEAS Test Score
Years 5 – 6 40-50
Years 7 – 8 45-60
Years 9 – 10 60-75
Years 11 – 12 70+

ELICOS in Perth

If the student is required to complete an intensive English course (ELICOS – English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students) prior to entry to Wesley, the College refers students to Phoenix Academy or a reputable ELICOS centre.

Education Agents

Wesley College does not have formal agreements with Education Agents. However, we will liaise with Agents as required, on behalf of their clients, but no formal contract will be entered.

Transferring from another Provider

In the Schools sector, international students are restricted from transferring to another Provider until they have completed the first six months of their first school course, not the principal course. In this case, Wesley College will not consider or accept an application from an overseas student unless the transfer reason meets an exception under the National Code (Standard 7).

Student Visa Application

Wesley cannot guarantee the outcome of a visa application. If the visa application is refused, the College’s Refund Policy will apply. Undertaking a course at Wesley College is strictly for Primary or Secondary Education studies – and the courses in no way provide a pathway to Australian residency.

Local Carer

International students boarding at Wesley College must have a Local Carer who lives in Perth. The College can recommend suitable options, if required.

Useful PDF documents

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