The Middle School is a welcoming and secure environment that promotes self-confidence, independence, responsibility and self-expression. Our vision: ‘We value ourselves and others and take responsibility for exploring opportunities to grow.’

Key learning principles include:

  • An emphasis on numeracy, literacy and information and communications technology skills for use in a range of learning situations;
  • A student-directed approach to learning;
  • Ensuring learning is engaging and connected to real-life experiences;
  • Supporting the growth of independence and peer group orientation through collaboration;
  • Intellectual challenge, through the use of disciplined thinking and conceptual frameworks;
  • Providing a balanced curriculum that encourages depth and links between learning areas, with interconnectedness between the various fields of human endeavour;
  • Enabling teachers to plan collaboratively, provide academic care and monitor student learning.

To ensure students are engaged with their schooling at this critical time, Wesley offers a stimulating and rigorous academic program, including some flexibility of choice and intensive learning through project-based electives.

The Year Groups

Years 5 to 8 | Co-educational Years 5 and 6 | Boys only Years 7 to 8

As well as a focus on academic success for each child, we provide a wealth of cross-curricular, extra-curricular and multidisciplinary opportunities both in classrooms and across our community. Our flagship Katitjin program is one example of the ways in which we help students develop self-awareness, attention to social justice and leadership capabilities.

Wesley’s Middle School students are part of a large Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 school community with a rich heritage and a thriving Boarding House. Within this broader community the Middle School provides an intimate environment of care, appropriate to this age and stage. Middle schooling at Wesley allows each student to live our College vision and motto: to lead purposeful lives by daring, and by doing.

Mr Brad Hilliard – Head of Middle School

The middle years of schooling are a vitally important time for each child, and for each parent as their child grows towards and into adolescence. At Wesley College’s unique Middle School, we understand this and provide an environment of support and challenge that nurtures our students and facilitates their emerging independence. Rather than an abrupt jump between primary and secondary schooling, our Middle School acts as a bridge that provides a smooth transition to Senior School.

To support the rapid physical and cognitive development that occurs as students mature between Year 5 and Year 8, our Middle School prioritises relationships. By developing strong relationships with each child—through more attention from fewer teachers—we provide learning environments and opportunities that meet the specific needs of each child. Our community extends beyond the teacher and the student to the family.

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