The Old Wesley Collegians’ Association (OWCA) seeks to facilitate and foster communication between current students, past students, the College and the wider College community, through a number of activities.

The association is governed by an independent executive committee of past students. It hosts a number of reunions, special events, regional visits and, in recent times, a College community golf day in order to strengthen these links.

The primary objectives of the association are to:

  • continue to grow the standing of the College in the wider community
  • make the Wesley experience a positive life-long one
  • provide services to the past student membership that facilitates communication amongst themselves and the College
  • provide career advice and mentoring to the current students and younger Old Boys.

A subsidiary of the OWCA is the Mildred Manning Scholarship Trust, named after a long-standing Wesley staff member. The Trust seeks to raise funds from the College community in order to provide income for scholarship funding to deserving students. The Trust is managed by the OWCA and appointed Trustees.

To find out more about our Old Collegians, visit Wyvern Corner Office where we share insightful interviews with those who have generously shared their stories, memories from school and other advice they have given or wish they had received.