Public Schools’ Association (PSA) was established in 1905 to bring together select Perth schools for sporting competition.

Wesley College was founded in 1923 and is proud to have joined the PSA in 1952. Since then we have enjoyed the opportunity for friendly inter-school rivalry across a range of sports.

During the summer months (Terms 1 and 4) Wesley’s Senior School boys have the opportunity to take part in basketball, cricket, rowing, swimming, tennis, volleyball, water polo. There are even exciting one-day events, such as surfing and golf.

When the winter sets in, during Terms 2 and 3, the sporting selection shifts to athletics, badminton, cross country, football, hockey, rugby, and soccer. It’s an extensive roster of events, with students supported by our unique LTAD program.

With our PSA connection going back over multiple generations of Wesleyans the desire to represent the College and be successful runs deep in our students, creating a very special kind of camaraderie. Go Wyverns!