Wesley College is committed to the learning success of every student. The College wishes to see all students become Strong Thinkers, Purposeful Doers, Powerful Self-activators and Positive Connectors. To this end, Wesley has embarked on an exciting new sporting endeavour, the Long-Term Athletic Development and High Performance Program.

Driven by a ‘Sport for Life’ culture from Pre-kindergarten to Year 12 that recognises the flow on benefits of exercise to successful learning, all students will have access to this new program. The program includes intentional skills acquisition in the Health and Physical Education Curriculum, strength and conditioning programs, training and competition development and high-level mentoring programs for aspiring and elite athletes. To hear more about the program from Dr Dan Hiscock, Wesley College High Performance Manager, please contact him on 08 6559 8203.

This program is a first among PSA schools, and in fact, in all of WA. It is Wesley’s unique response to championing a holistic sporting and health education for all students.


It is recognised that the building blocks of sporting development start in Pre-kindergarten to Year 4 with a focus on foundations, participation, motor skills and core strength.

As students progress through the years towards specialisation in specific sports they have access to differing and personalised training modes and mentoring. Strength and conditioning, health and nutrition education and load management is a focus at all levels to reduce risk of injury. As students self-select and follow sporting excellence pathways, they require mentoring to navigate competing priorities both in and out of school. Elite athletes are given access to individual mentors to assist them in communicating with all stakeholders to manage their training, well-being, academic and competition needs.

Kyle’s Story

Kyle is a Year 10 pupil. This year he was selected for the WA Metro U18 Team to compete in the National Championships and the national U17 team to represent Australia in the World Championships. Altogether he plays for six different teams! With all his sporting commitments and juggling coaches’ last minute requests, Kyle has suffered physically and academically due to stress and fatigue. To this end, Kyle is clearly a Tier 1 Athlete. Wesley’s Director of Sport initiated meetings with Kyle and his parents to map out his schedule and address academic and pastoral concerns. He applied an efficiency map to maximise training regimes, reducing double ups and maintaining a suitable balance between school and sports commitments including recovery. Coaching staff provided one on one training sessions and ongoing mentoring.

Now, Kyle is flourishing both academically and as a sportsman. He is the leading scorer and rebounder for the National Championships. He has participated in basketball tours in China and Europe as well as played in the World Championships in Spain, having successfully completed all academic assessments before he left. And importantly, Kyle and his parents feel well supported and less overwhelmed by his commitments. To hear how the program has helped Kyle, please click on the video above.

For more information about this amazing program, please contact Dr Dan Hiscock on 08 6559 8203.