Nov 13 Wyvern Corner Office

Grant Vernon – Calling the Shots

As the first non-Victorian to umpire in the Australian Football League (AFL), it is safe to say that Grant Vernon (77-81) has a story or two to share.

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Aug 20 Wyvern Corner Office

Richard Humphry – Keeping Stock of Australia

In this edition of Wyvern Corner Office, Richard Humphry discusses his career pathway. Having worked in a range of jobs before securing the position of CEO of the Australian Stock Exchange, Richard is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working in the financial world.

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May 15 Wyvern Corner Office

The Carter Brothers – caring for the community

Through a maintained belief that the mark of a community is how it looks after its more vulnerable members, identical twins Ian (69-72) and Alan (69-72) Carter have built legacies around the pursuit of social justice.

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Mar 18 Wyvern Corner Office

Steven Heathcote – The Australian Ballet’s longest serving Principal Artist

He has received three Helpmann Awards, two Mo Awards and an Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Performance by an Individual. After retiring in 2007 as The Australian Ballet’s longest serving principal artist, Steven began to produce and direct opera. In 2010, he conceived and directed a new production of Handel’s Julius Caesar for Victorian Opera.

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