Broadway comes to Wesley with our annual production

Posted May 23, 2018 in School News By Community Relations

Today saw students take to the stage for the first of four performances of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

One of the many great delights of this year’s performance is that it marks a return to a whole-school production. Pupils from the Junior School, Middle School and Senior School have all been involved, offering their skills in everything from set design, to costumes, to acting.

Also involved were students from our sister school Penrhos. Without their efforts the production could never be as rounded and beautifully realised as it has been.

In the end, the first performance came off without a hitch. The hours of rehearsals were immediately apparent. The production also showed why taking part in a project like Disney’s Beauty and the Beast offers the students so much: the value of making a contribution, the growth of their confidence and self-esteem, the joy of teamwork, the pleasure in setting a goal and then seeing it achieved.

It was a well-deserved triumph for all the students, staff and parents involved!

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