Choosing to send your son to boarding school in Perth is a major decision.

At Wesley, we offer our boarders (Years 7 to 12) a vibrant and nurturing environment. We strive to create a family-style community that encourages each boy’s growth – supporting them as they become a happy, responsible individuals.

Our approach is one of the many reasons why Wesley College was named as Boarding School of the Year in the Australian Education Awards 2019. To read more about the award, simply click here.


What’s Our Secret to Being an Award Winning Boarding School?

It all starts with our unbeatable location. The Wesley Boarding House is situated within the College’s beautiful South Perth campus, with ready access to the Swan River, the Angelo Street village and minutes from the ferry to Perth city.

The local parklands, cycle paths and skate park, combined with facilities of the Wesley Sports Club, ensure boarders have superb recreational opportunities that provide the necessary balance to the academic rigour of school and evening study.


It Begins With Good Relationships
Boys are cared for in a pastoral system based on year groups, with a year coordinator allocated to each group. Our emphasis is to ‘know the boy’. We develop positive relationships with each student, working in partnership with parents.

The academic experience for boys is supported by evening and weekend access to staff, tutors and state-of-the-art facilities including computers, classrooms and music practice rooms.


Everyone Pitches In

The Boarding school staff also foster opportunities for mentoring and leadership development as part of life in the Boarding House. From Years 10 to 12, students have opportunities to assist in running dorm operations for a term, including monitoring and assisting with study habits and dorm routines. This helps to build and strengthen friendships across year groups as well as developing leadership skills.

By the end of the experience, the boys will understand the importance of building up trust and respect through developing positive relationships between boys of different year levels.

Boarding staff work hard to provide a student-focussed culture which promotes active citizenship and leadership development.


Head of Boarding, Mr Rodney Steer, relaxing with the boarders.
The students' boarding rooms are friendly and spacious.
The main entrance to the Boarding House, on Swan Street.
Study spaces give students areas away from their room for homework.
There are breakout spaces to relax in.
The Boarders' Canteen serves healthy hot and cold meals.
The newly-renovated boarding block.

Get Ahead with Headstart

For many boys, the high academic standards at Wesley are a step up – making the transition to life here a challenge. In some cases, students have experienced gaps in their English and numeracy skills, in other cases the introduction of structured homework proved to be a big change.

With that in mind, we created Headstart – a free program giving students a chance to get up-to-speed on the English and Numeracy curriculum before they arrive at the College, reducing any anxiety they may have.

The program is at no additional cost to families and is delivered over the internet, with the assistance of Wesley’s teaching staff.

To learn more about Headstart, please click here.


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