Five Reasons Why Being a Boarder is Awesome!

Posted May 15, 2020 in Choosing a School By Community Relations

Are you and your parents thinking about sending you to boarding school? How does that make you feel? Nervous? Excited? Well, here’s 5 reasons why we believe boarding school is great!


For some remote or international families, sending a child to boarding school is a necessity. Other families choose to send their children to boarding school because they believe living on-campus offers a unique experience. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re being involved in conversations about where you should go to school.

Some children get really excited about the prospect of living in a Boarding House full of new friends. But, for most kids, the idea of leaving home and sleeping somewhere new is scary. Very scary, in fact.

And, do you know what? That’s okay. It is scary! Not once you’re settled in, not once you’ve met the other people in your dorm… but in the days leading up to that first night away from home, you will have worries.

So, let’s make a list of all the great things about going to a boarding school – whether it’s here at Wesley College, or anywhere else. Because no matter where you end up, you’re going to be enjoying the best in academics, extracurricular activities and sport – we promise you’ll love it!




A Wesley College Boarder


1. You’ll have incredible lessons

Whether you’re thinking of a school that is only for boarders, or a school that has day students as well, one thing is guaranteed – the lessons will be amazing. It comes down to resources.

In truth, teachers at every school are imaginative and fantastic, but because boarding schools charge fees, they can afford to give their teachers access to everything they need to run mind-blowing lessons. You’ll be learning in ways you never thought possible. For example, at Wesley we have a whole building dedicated to things like Virtual Reality, 3D printing and making robots!


2. There are endless sports to play

Do you love sport? Most boarding schools have sensational sports facilities. Somewhere there will be a special cupboard where, if you ask nicely, you’ll have everything you need for a game of soccer, or hockey, or AFL, or cricket… and a perfectly kept oval to play on.

Or maybe you’re into swimming. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to end your day with a swim in a beautiful pool. It’s pretty likely that you’ll discover a sport you’ve never even tried before – like water polo or badminton. Best of all, you’ll always have a gang of friends to play with!


3. You might discover a talent for the arts

Sport makes the body feel good, but the arts are exercise for the mind. Music, drama, dance, fine arts… there’s a whole world of things you can try. Imagine being able to walk into a room full of instruments and getting to bang, press or blow into them all.

At boarding school you’ll have teachers who will be excited to see if you were born to be a drummer, or a pianist, or a trumpeter! Maybe you’ll find that you have a passion for performing in plays, being in a choir or expressing yourself through paint. It’s like opening a giant toy box and getting to play with everything!


4. You’ll get to live somewhere new and be responsible for yourself

Ok, right now that may seem like the downside. Spending time away from home feels like the one bit of this experience that is really tough. But, although it’s never easy to leave the nest, it is an important part of life.

And when everyone is else is leaving home for the first time – say, to go to university – you’ll be well ahead as you already have loads of experience. When they’re going through the ups and downs of being independent for the first time, you’ll be in a position to lend a hand and offer the benefit of your experience.


5. You’ll make friends for life

Above all else, this is something boarding students cherish. Nothing bonds people together like a shared experience. Day students see their mates from 8:00am to 3:00pm… you get to live with yours!

You can do your homework together, watch evening TV together, spend weekends playing games. You will end up with friends who know you backwards and care about you deeply. They will celebrate your successes and support you when you’re finding life tough – after all, they’ve all been through the same experiences as you.


Head of Boarding, Mr Rod Steer



The most important thing is that you’ll not be alone. Boarding schools understand the wide range of emotions students have. You’ll have access to teachers, YCOs, and psychologists who are there to listen to you and find ways to help you feel happy in your term-time home. So you’ll never have to bottle up your worries – in fact, they rather you didn’t!

Over the next few months, you and your parents will probably look at quite a few schools. The choice might even seem overwhelming. But enjoy the search as once you’ve found the right school for you, you’re going to have the time of your life!

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