Why is playgroup important in the early years?

Posted February 14, 2018 in Parenting Tips & Advice By Community Relations

By Maria Hodges, Head of Junior School at Wesley College

Being a new parent is a constant maze of trying to navigate what you should and shouldn’t do to help give your little human the very best start in life. There are differing opinions on this subject, but it is clear that children who are given opportunities to socialise and communicate with others from a very early age acquire better interpersonal skills and are quicker to cooperate and problem solve. These skills lay the foundations for a child’s future learning, development and function.

How can playgroup benefit your child?

The safe environment a Playgroup offers is the perfect catalyst to support children’s emotional confidence while having a parent close by for encouragement, and a sense of stability while sharing the experience together. The meeting and interacting with new people stimulates children to learn to separate from their carers if even only for short bursts of time, building confidence and independence.


What are the benefits for you?

Parents and carers also benefit from opportunities where they interact with each other at the same time as their children. Forming connections with other adults who are facing similar challenges and have the same uncertainties, frustrations and experiences of raising children of a similar age, provides a valuable way to support each other.

Playgroup offers a relaxed and enjoyable environment for parents to engage with other families, whilst supporting children in their early stages of social interaction. Activities on offer are usually different to those you would do with your child alone and provide opportunities to try new experiences, which are key to supporting imagination and creativity.

Wesley Family Playgroup

The Wesley Family Playgroup is a perfect choice, as it is open to all community members with children from the ages of 0 to 3 and the environment is set up and ready for you and your little one to enjoy a morning of play and interaction with others in safe, clean surroundings.

Our wonderful Playgroup WA staff are on hand to offer indoor and outdoor activities for children and carers. Plus, you have the option of either a Wednesday or a Thursday morning from 9.00am – 10.30am with free on-site parking available. The cost is only $35 per year to Playgroup WA and $5 per term to Wesley College; to cover off snacks, refreshments and an end of term party.


What do our parents and carers think?

‘The Wesley family playgroup encourages my grandson to interact with other children, whilst feeling comfortable and knowing that I am nearby. It has also helped him learn how to build relationships and friendships.’

‘I love getting the chance to socialise with other parents and carers who are going through similar experiences.’

‘My son loves coming here, we do activities that I would never have thought of doing at home. He also has been trying new things, like trying to ride a bike, which he sees the older children doing.’

‘I believe having the opportunity to socialise with children of a similar age is really important, they all seem to learn from each other.’

Why not come and give it a try – your little one will love you for it! For more information, call Wesley College Junior School Administration on 9368 8012 or email wesleyfamilyplaygroup@gmail.com

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