Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I register my child?

The sooner the better! Its best to register your child as soon as possible and well before the time you would like your child to start at Wesley.

At what year can my child start at Wesley?

Our main entry point in the Junior School is Pre-kindergarten with a small additional intake at Pre-primary. In the Middle School the key entry points are Year 5 and 7, with boarding places set aside for Boarding students joining us in Year 8. There are also limited number of places available outside of these entry points.



How does the offer process work and when does it start?

Students are offered a place based strictly on priority and date order of application.


Circumstances where priority is given includes;

  • Siblings are currently enrolled at Wesley;
  • Parent/s are former students of the College;
  • Parent/s are employees of Wesley College;
  • Children who have transferred from interstate and overseas independent schools;
  • Siblings are currently Penrhos College.


The offer process commences two years in advance of your child starting at Wesley and continues right up until the beginning of the year which they are due to commence at the College.

Do I have to complete a separate Enrolment registration form for each child?

Definitely – a separate Registration form and fee must be submitted for each child.

What is the endowment fee?

Entry to Wesley College is conditional upon the payment of a non-refundable endowment fee to the Wesley College Endowment Fund. The primary purpose of this fund is to assist with the ongoing provision of capital infrastructure.


Click here to view our Fee Schedule & Business Arrangements for more information.

Does Wesley College offer scholarships?

Wesley College is proud to offer a wide range of scholarship opportunities for both existing and new students – from academic accomplishment to general excellence, Music, Indigenous, and the OWCA Scholarship for a son or grandson of an Old Wesleyan.

To find out more about our scholarship opportunities please click here.

Does my child have to sit an exam as part of enrolment?

Wesley College has an inclusive Enrolment Policy which means that it is not essential for children to be tested or interviewed prior to accepting a place at Wesley. Students who have confirmed places in Years 5 and 7 will be tested just before (usually in October) starting at Wesley.

How many children are in each class?

Class sizes vary slightly from year to year depending on the age of the students. In Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten class sizes are held at 20 children, from Pre-primary to Year 9 numbers increase to a maximum of 26 students. In Years 10 to 12, the average class size is 18.

If, after our initial application, we change our preferred year of entry does this mean we will go to the bottom of the waitlist?

No, we will use your original date of application.

How many students are in the school?

We have approximately 1,300 Day and Boarding students, featuring co-educational learning from Pre-kindergarten to Year 6, and boys only from Years 7 to 12.

Do I have to purchase a laptop?

At Wesley College we provide students from Years 9 to 12 with a school laptop.

Can I come and look around the College?

You’re always welcome. Tour Mornings are run regularly throughout the year, but we’re happy to arrange an individual tour of the College if these times don’t suit you.

To view our current Tour Morning dates please click here.

Can my child use public transport to get to and from school?

Horizons West in conjunction with Wesley College, Penrhos College and Perth College provide bus services for students.  To find out more please click here.

How is the school year structured at Wesley?

At Wesley the school year is split up into four terms, with Term 1 beginning at the end of January and Term 4 finishing in early December.

To view our current term dates please click here.