Apr 12 Parenting Tips & Advice

Is my child addicted to gaming?

Today’s parents have children that play Fortnite and similar games, often to the degree that prompts the question “Is my child addicted?”

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Jul 8 Opinion, Parenting Tips & Advice

How do we approach wellbeing at Wesley College?

Mr Phil Collins, our new Director of Student Wellbeing, looks at how wellbeing and personal growth is an integral part of life at Wesley College.

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Feb 16 Academics, Opinion, Parenting Tips & Advice

Scholarships: What is Wesley really looking for?

Do I need to study? What are the interview questions like? Are past exam papers available? We break down what you really need to know about the road to a private school scholarship.   The independent school difference. All young people deserve an excellent education and every independent school has a long tradition of scholarships…

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Nov 13 Academics, Opinion, Parenting Tips & Advice

Is it possible to do homework without a fight?

Homework is a common cause of arguments. Head of Middle School, Mr Brad Hilliard, gives his top tips for encouraging children to study.

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Sep 17 Parenting Tips & Advice

A Guide to Work Experience for Year 10s

Work experience is an important activity at Wesley College. But why?

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Sep 4 Parenting Tips & Advice

5 Tips to Help your Child Manage Stress During Exams

As we all know, there are times in our lives where we will encounter challenges that can cause stress and anxiety.  For many students, these challenges often begin to show in the leadup to and during exam time.

The question for most parent’s during this time is how can they help their student during these stressful times? Here on the blog, are a few recommended tips to help reduce stress & maintain perspective for your child.

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Aug 4 Interviews & Spotlights, Opinion, Parenting Tips & Advice, Teacher Spotlights

Spotlight On: Mathew Irving

Mr Mathew Irving is the Deputy Head (Academics and Strategy) at Wesley College. He gives us an insight into what business strategy looks like in a competitive school landscape.


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Apr 20 Parenting Tips & Advice

Activities to Keep Your Children Moving During COVID-19

With the Coronavirus keeping children at home, you’ll love these inventive ways to help them burn off energy!

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Mar 27 Parenting Tips & Advice

10 Tips for Setting Up a Space for Home Learning During Coronavirus

Coronavirus has changed everything. With more and more children about to start doing their schoolwork from home a lot of parents are asking: ‘How do I set up home workspace for my children during Covid-19?’ It’s an important question, so we thought it might be useful to come up with a few tips to help…

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