Feb 13 Parenting Tips & Advice

How do you help an anxious child?

All children are capable of their own form of greatness. But for many, anxiety shuts down their capability to discover their potential. How do you help children and teens take control of their anxiety and feel in control again? Guest blogger, Karen Young explains.

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Sep 5 Parenting Tips & Advice

Why alcohol is much more dangerous in the hands of people under 25

David Gillespie is a lawyer and social researcher, who has been delving into the complex business of the teenage brain and in 2019 released his latest book, Teen Brain. David, who has spoken previously at Wesley College, shares his thoughts here about the issue of teenagers and alcohol.   Too much booze can make us…

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Jul 8 Parenting Tips & Advice

Five podcasts you should be listening to, now!

Ms Lynette McGivern, Director of Service Learning & Leadership, shares her top five podcasts, perfect listening for over the holidays.

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Mar 1 Parenting Tips & Advice

Four lessons you can teach with a leaf!

Today marks the start of Autumn here in Perth. After a long, hot summer it’s a relief for all of us. Well, all of us who don’t have deciduous trees dropping endless leaves in the garden.

But, as you find yourself suddenly surrounded by nature’s debris why not seize the moment to use it as a teaching opportunity for your child?

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Nov 29 Parenting Tips & Advice

The best education will reveal itself 10 years after graduation

By Linda Stade   At what point do we judge the success of a child’s education? On the day of their graduation when they are beaming with joy and overflowing with potential? On the day they receive the results of their final exams? Wesley College Headmaster, David Gee, says… Neither. He says we should measure…

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Oct 30 Parenting Tips & Advice

What do children really need to know before they start school?

By Linda Stade   Starting school is an important milestone for a child. For parents, it is often exciting and stressful in equal parts. Is he ready? Will she cope with the long days? Have we done enough reading and counting? Have we picked the right school? According to Wesley College’s Head of Junior School,…

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Aug 23 Parenting Tips & Advice

When does your child’s love of gaming become an addiction?

Parents dealing with Fortnite, and games like it,  have the added concerns of: “Is this affecting my child’s health? Is my child addicted?”

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Jul 29 Parenting Tips & Advice

The keys to teaching your child about consent

What do parents and schools need to teach children to make sure they contribute to a culture of sexual respect?

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Jun 27 Parenting Tips & Advice

How to clear the way for boys’ learning

Walking around a school at lunchtime boys seem very content. There is lots of play, laughter, banter and joking around. But what is happening in their learning? Are schools and parents letting boys down when it comes to education?

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