Jun 14 Parenting Tips & Advice

What is digital technology doing to children’s bodies?

We live in strange times when teenagers cannot touch their toes but their parents can. According to sports scientists, that is our new reality. Current research shows that our teenagers’ bodies are showing significant evidence of their digital lives. Unless parents and schools respond appropriately, the consequences will be that our young people will experience greater rates of painful injury and poorer long-term quality of life.

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May 31 Parenting Tips & Advice

The importance of volunteering for young men

This time of year sees a steady stream of Year 12 students visiting me in my office. They drop in for a chat and to request a statement outlining their volunteer history, including the names of the organisations and the time they spent volunteering with these groups. Increasingly, students are gaining credit for entry into…

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Apr 13 Parenting Tips & Advice

Tips to get young children reading

Creating a love of reading will help your child associate happiness and good memories with settling into a good book!

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Apr 11 Parenting Tips & Advice

How To Help Your Child Manage Their Worry

When we picture a child with anxiety, we often think of a withdrawn, quiet soul who avoids making decisions and eye contact. However, the reality is these children can also present with temper tantrums or repetitive behaviours. What they all have in common is the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. It is an uncomfortable, distressing condition whichever form it takes.

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Mar 28 Parenting Tips & Advice

When Is the Right Time to Let My Child Use Social Media?

Social media is not an enemy. However, it is worthy of serious consideration. We need to be sure we are being honest with ourselves, and our kids, about their capacity to use social media, rather than being used by it.

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Mar 14 Parenting Tips & Advice

The Powerful Relationship That Will Help Shape Your Child’s Future

School gates are interesting. We enter them as wee beings, full of parental love and hungry for learning. We leave them a decade or more later, excited and ready to take our place in the world. But what do those school gates represent in the interim?

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Feb 14 Parenting Tips & Advice

Why is playgroup important in the early years?

By Maria Hodges, Head of Junior School at Wesley College Being a new parent is a constant maze of trying to navigate what you should and shouldn’t do to help give your little human the very best start in life. There are differing opinions on this subject, but it is clear that children who are…

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Feb 2 Parenting Tips & Advice

The 7Cs your child needs for success

Parents and teachers appear to be facing ever-increasing pressures to help children lead successful lives, clouded by an uncertain future. It seems that every time we turn on the TV or radio, read an article or follow a social media thread, we are being told that we need to improve the learning and life outcomes of our children.

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Oct 18 Parenting Tips & Advice

Seven tips for achieving academic success

At Wesley we measure academic success using traditional metrics (grades, tests) as well as monitoring students’ Learning Habits which are the skills and dispositions increasingly recognised as important for students to thrive into their futures (for example motivation, organisation and collaboration to name a few).

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