Spotlight On: Lisa Pickering

Posted June 6, 2019 in Interviews & Spotlights, Teacher Spotlights By Community Relations

Ms Lisa Pickering is a Middle School teacher and Middle School House Coordinator (Jenkins) at Wesley College. Having been at the College for nearly 15 years, Lisa is a strong believer in the Wesley ideals and method, and continues to lead the way as a passionate and inspiring teacher for our students.

Why did you become a teacher?

I bailed up my little brother and taught him whenever I could. I used to make worksheets when I was six and give them to him to complete. Poor boy! I loved school: kindergarten, primary school and high school. I felt safe, valued and accepted and really hung off every word my teachers said. I appreciated my Science teacher as he took us on many excursions looking at rocks and landscapes, water sources and plants and animals. He absolutely nurtured my love of Science and the natural world. I loved learning and still do to this day and always wanted to teach Science.

What is your favourite teaching memory?

Wow! There has been so many. I had a fabulous group of Indigenous boys on an alternative program when I was in Meekatharra. They ranged from five years old to 18. We went out bush, camped with the Aboriginal Education workers and told stories around the campfire. We swam in water holes and they taught me how to look for bush tucker. It was an amazing experience of teaching and in turn, being taught.

What do you like most about Wesley?

My father and my uncles came to Wesley many years ago and I have always wanted to work at Wesley. I like many aspects of life as a teacher here, but the aspect that keeps me coming in day to day is the wonderful staff that are positive and authentic in their beliefs in teaching and developing young people. Working with like-minded, compassionate and hard-working peers makes me want to do my best and strive to be the best I can be as a teacher. Overall, the students here are some of the warmest, cleverest, sportiest and kindest that I have had the pleasure to teach and the fact that I have remained with Wesley College for nearly fifteen years is testimony to my commitment to this school.

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