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Posted January 11, 2022 in Choosing a School By Community Relations

‘In today’s world it is vital we maintain children’s ability to dream, the desire to create and the skills needed to do so. Add to this the capacity to build and nurture relationships and they will possess what is required for future success in this ever-changing world.’ – Mrs Jo Edinger, Head of Junior School.

I wonder why…

I wonder how…

I wonder if…

We are all born with an innate sense of wonder, a feeling of awe and amazement about the world around us. We have the innocence and curiosity to be fascinated even by the most minor things and see their uniqueness. Children are naturally curious and interested, with a delightful imagination and a remarkable ability to see the beauty and good all around them.

Each day, we observe a sense of wonder in action as children explore the environment around them at Wesley. As educators, we act as co-discoverers who ask questions and encourage the child’s inquisitiveness and curiosity. Nurturing this sense of wonder in the early years encourages a lifetime of learning.

A strong sense of belonging permeates from the moment you step into Wesley’s Junior School. Students here thrive in a busy, enthusiastic learning environment, full of energy and a desire to learn and experience all that Wesley can offer.

The Junior School embraces the philosophy that co-education is important in the foundation years. Boys and girls learn from each other and establish important social and emotional building blocks when in a co-educational setting.

We believe that young children learn best through their interactions with their environment, by exploring, experimenting, touching, building and doing things by and for themselves. Our classrooms are purposefully prepared environments, with stimulating materials where learning is hands-on and experiential. We encourage students to explore, make discoveries, use their imaginations and finder wonder and awe in their world.

The Junior School years are imperative to ensure children develop the building blocks for success. Our teachers are chosen for their nurturing, caring qualities and ability to support each child in all their needs. Children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs are all equally important and develop at differing rates as all children are on a unique journey. Our educators are experts at supporting each child by identifying and working with them and their families to help them to achieve their potential and flourish in a happy, inspiring environment. With their reassuring routines our qualified educators have the potential to create an ideal safe space for children to find wonder. A mindful, play-based approach also provides the secure scaffolding for new and stimulating experiences.

A strong foundation of explicit literacy and numeracy teaching is balanced with an Inquiry program that promotes critical and creative thinking, questioning, problem-solving and independent learning. Students are challenged, creativity is harnessed, and critical thinking is developed to positively support and build the children’s learning in a fun, happy and nurturing environment.

The teaching and learning program in the early years is designed to help children develop skills, knowledge and conceptual understanding that will form the foundation for future learning. Educational experiences suited to a range of learning styles are carefully planned with real-life relevance and purpose.

Fundamental to early childhood is the establishment of pre-literacy and numeracy skills. Our Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten programs are aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework, the Western Australian Kindergarten Guidelines and the Australian Curriculum. At the heart of Wesley’s Early Childhood program is an understanding and respect for the extraordinary explorative nature of young children and the wonder and awe associated with discovery. Learning core literacy and numeracy skills is essential, as is the application of these skills in experiential-based learning scenarios where the students learn by doing. Wesley’s play-based program balanced with explicit teaching ensures our program delivers quality outcomes to meet the students’ needs.

The Junior School Sustainability Garden has become one of the most-loved features of the Wesley campus since its construction in 2012. With the ongoing care and commitment of our students and staff, including a dedicated Sustainability specialist teacher, the space has truly flourished. The Sustainability Garden includes chickens, worm farms, vegetable gardens and various trails featuring natural and recycled materials. Junior School students are encouraged to care for this special community space but to also engage and connect with the natural environments around them. The children regularly pull on their gum boots and get to work in the garden whether it is planting, raking, feeding the chickens or worms, identifying insects or filling wheelbarrows – the garden is a place for hands–on, muddy learning and fun!

I invite you to visit Wesley, to explore our classrooms and to meet our educators. It is place where we have the privilege of watching children laugh, learn, grow and experience the awe and wonder that childhood offers. We welcome you to join us on a wonder-filled journey for your child.

Limited places are still available in Pre-kindergarten for 2022. Contact Enrolments on (08) 9368 8032 to learn more.

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