Wesleyana Blooms and Bubbles

Posted July 22, 2022 in Opinion By Sophie Foster

The scent of fresh cut flowers welcomed Wesleyana’s to the Blooms and Bubbles event where current mum, Annaliese Maffescioni and director of Signature Floral Designs, shared secrets of floral arranging.

When Annaliese was just a child, she was already besotted with flowers. She took over the planting and tending of the family garden, creating award-winning displays.

At 19, her hairdresser was planning her wedding and asked Annaliese to create the flowers. At first, she was terrified, but her passion for flowers prevailed and she took on the challenge. The results were stunning and so began her journey as a professional florist.

After taking a course to learn the basics of floral design, she decided to start a home business, and it flourished!

Signature Floral Designs draws on the drama of nature, rich texture and vibrant emotions to create bespoke and unique creations.

“I love garden-inspired modern design; bold, pretty and obviously cascading with colour!” explained Annaliese. Weddings are her talent, and in a season she creates a premium experience for over 50 couples!

Annaliese has a long and proud history with Wesley, she is married to an Old Collegian, Steve (91-96) and her two sons are third generation Wesleyans.

Be sure to check out Signature Floral Design Instagram, where Annaliese showcases her work and has amassed a devoted following.

Top tips

  • Keep it organic. Use both tall and short flowers – this creates depth, and you can see all the flowers.
  • Start with greenery for your base, and then fill in with flowers.
  • Give a rose a twirl. To open a tight rose bud, simply roll the stem (upside down and thorns removed!), quickly in the palms of your hand and then bend the petals back.
  • It’s all about the quality. Select the best flowers you can find – including those in your garden.

The Wesleyana Club at Wesley College has been going strong for nearly 60 years. The Club is for mothers of former students. If would like to learn more, email communityrelations@wesley.wa.edu.au.

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