Wesley Graduates Exhibiting at Southern Perspectives 2021

Posted February 24, 2021 in Announcements By Community Relations

Held annually at the Goolugatup Heathcote Gallery in Applecross, Southern Perspectives is an exhibition of thought-provoking artwork from Year 12 Visual Arts students.

​Works by recent Wesley graduates, Dillon Monteiro (07-20) and Alex Milieri (12-20), where selected for this year’s exhibition which showcases the talent and ideas of some of the State’s most promising young artists.

Alex’s work, Irrational, reflects on the aftermath of the global pandemic and the effects of panic buying which led to widespread fear and hoarding behaviours. The work also contemplates what we perceive as essential and how that shifts depending on where and how we live. What is essential and what is nice to have?

Dillon’s original idea for his sculpture came from an investigation into the effect of toxin build-up caused by inhaling thousands of micro plastic particles each year. Similar to how a vine slowly suffocates its host plant, toxin levels slowly grow, accumulating in our systems eventually killing us. He was inspired by the techniques of South Korean artist, Yong Wong Song, who creates ghost like figures with wire and thread, which render familiar things strange, and jewellery artist, Wiebke Pandikow, who uses recycled plastic bags to create intricate jewellery.  

Dillon has also started a business selling small metalwork sculptures and some larger commissioned pieces. He can be found on Instagram, under the handle @monteiro_sculptures

 The exhibition is on until Sunday 21 March.

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