Spotlight On: Yvonne Wiese

Posted November 3, 2020 in Co-Curricular, Interviews & Spotlights, Opinion, Teacher Spotlights By Lachlan Fitzgerald

Ms Yvonne Wiese is an Arts Teacher and the Curriculum Co-ordinator of Creative Arts at Wesley College. Yvonne was involved in the recent Masters & Apprentices: Materialised 2020 exhibition, and gives us an insight into what stands out about creative arts at Wesley.


Tell us about your involvement in Masters & Apprentices: Materialised 2020. What stands out about this years’ exhibition?

The theme, Materialised,  for this year’s Masters and Apprentices exhibition showcased the creative endeavours of students from Years 5 – 12 across Visual Arts, Media, Design and Technologies. We transformed the lower floor of the Hamer building into a stunning exhibition space, where the curated works formed a collection that celebrated innovation and the diversity of self-expression. Our celebration evening was well-attended, with an estimated 200 members of the College community. Beyond enjoying the exhibition, we were joined by guest speaker, Mr Mark Parfitt, and the beautiful sounds of the Quintet, Aquila. Mark is the Major Coordinator of Fine Art at Curtin University, and he spoke of the high standard of student work on show, and about the importance of Creative Arts and Technologies education in fostering creativity in young people for the future.


The exhibition is always an exciting time for our Creative Arts and technologies teams and for our students. It’s always a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together to enjoy the work of our students. It’s a celebration of student achievement, and the learning that goes on throughout the year is made visible.


Tell us about your journey to becoming a teacher:

My memories of my own teachers have been a significant part of inspiring my own career in teaching. I have a strong recollection of my Year 1 teacher in particular. She would sprinkle fairy dust on us as we left at the end of the day, and we all used the shop that her father had made for the class. It was a long time ago, but I still remember sitting on the mat and looking around at all the beautiful pictures that she had made. There were a lot of things that made Miss Wright special. The art room was a unique place for me as a student, it was a space where I could be myself and create – recreating this environment for my students is central to my practice.


What is the most important lesson you want students to take away from your classes this year?

To be resilient and stick with it. I often use the analogy that art is like footy. No matter how well you’re kicking the ball, your coach is always going to give you the advice on how you can improve and take it to the next level. It takes real resolve to see artwork to the finished product. Through stretching your own skills and persevering, it is in that space where you will learn and achieve the most.


What makes Wesley a great place to work?

Wesley has a progressive and innovative approach to learning. There are always opportunities to create and immerse your students in rich experiences. The Creative Arts team is a dynamic and inspiring group of practitioners, with a diversity of skills and interests. I am fortunate to work with incredible colleagues and have the chance to complete exciting projects with them.


What is your favourite teaching memory?

Mine is a collection of memories. It is fulfilling to watch individual student journeys, as they work toward reaching their personal best. Success is different for each student. I was talking with colleagues at lunch today, and as a teacher, you feel like you’ve succeeded when a student grows and thrives, it is a long-term investment. There are many individual stories that I hold dear.

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