Spotlight On: Strahinja Bobusic

Posted February 9, 2021 in Interviews & Spotlights, Opinion, Teacher Spotlights By Lachlan Fitzgerald

Competing alongside one of the fastest tennis servers ever on the ATP Tour, Tennis has always been a passion for Mr Strahinja Bobusic. Now the Head Coach of the Wesley 1st Tennis Team and a Senior School Mathematics teacher, Strahinja has a number of tips for our Wesley College students who are aspiring to play competitive sport in the United States.


What was it like playing alongside John Isner, one of the fastest servers in Tennis history?

I lived with John Isner throughout my time at Georgia University. We still remain great friends – even though he is a Dockers supporter! He was brought up in North Carolina and got me to really appreciate the southern culture. He was 6ft 9ins so would attract attention everywhere he went.

When returning his serves, you would be consistently hitting the tennis balls around shoulder height at over 200 km/h. I’ve also played against Sam Groth, who currently holds the fastest serve on the ATP tour at 263 km/h, but I still think Isner’s serve is more difficult to return. The height and speed that he can generate means he has a serve you cannot read.

A number of Wesley College students aspire play competitive sport in the United States. Tell us about your experience playing college tennis.

Playing for the University of Georgia was an amazing experience privilege that I’ll never forget. I was able to enjoy college life, graduate with a degree and compete and travel throughout the United States playing the sport that I love. I was part of an incredible team who worked together to win multiple Southeastern Conference Championships and a National Championship.

What’s your involvement in tennis at Wesley?

Since 2008, I have been the Head Coach for the Wesley College 1st XVIII Tennis Team. Coaching emerging tennis players has been a pleasure, and it’s fantastic to see students develop and strive to achieve their best. It has been 40 years since Wesley has won the Corr Cup and it’s a personal goal of mine to bring the silverware back!

What’s one thing that you’re look forward to in 2021?

Every year I look forward to interacting and creating positive relationships with students. To be a part of their lives is an incredibly rewarding experience. Having an opportunity to help shape who they grow up to be is so important and I cannot wait to contribute to the lives of students that I work with in 2021.

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