Spotlight On: Sophie Goodheart

Posted October 22, 2019 in Interviews & Spotlights, Teacher Spotlights By Community Relations

Mrs Sophie Goodheart is a cherished member of staff in the Wesley College Middle School. Currently teaching Year 6, Sophie has been working at the College since 2011. 

Why do you teach?

I want to have a positive influence on people but also learn from others and be part of a bigger picture. Teaching is ever changing and evolving and it is a journey I love being a part of. Being a successful teacher is not something you can achieve on your own. Everyday is different and I learn as much from my colleagues and students as they do from me. It is incredibly rewarding to witness growth and independence in students under your guidance and care; teaching continually provides this opportunity.

Why Wesley?

Wesley is a very special place to work. It is often described by people as being part of a large family and is known for its sense of community spirit. This certainly holds true. I am fortunate to work alongside an amazing group of professionals who are warm, collaborative, hard-working, creative and who are not afraid to take on new challenges.

Wesley mirrors what it promotes in terms of being inclusive and supportive. A network of people who genuinely want to make a positive difference for the students and their families surrounds me. Middle schooling is all about forming positive relationships and this unique model here at Wesley truly promotes the development of the whole child.

What is the most important life lesson you want students to get from their year with you?

It is important to dream big, try new things and have the strength to be yourself. Ultimately, I want to inspire them to be a better version of themselves each day forward. Working hard, taking safe risks, making mistakes along the way and developing resilience when they fall is all part of learning and I am there to support them.

 How do you ensure each student learns how to learn?

Building a connection between home and school allows me to get to know the students’ needs and wants on a deeper level. Through this process, a working partnership emerges between the students, their families and myself and this relationship is vital if I am to cater for individual learning needs. Encouraging each child to be the best they can be and reach their potential, is challenging yet very rewarding and I am very fortunate to work in an excellent teaching team who all support and share their expertise with one another. This collaboration allows us to adopt best practices in a supportive environment and build on each other’s strengths to cater for the needs of all the students across the cohort.

Outside of Wesley, what are your favourite things to do?

I really enjoy the simple things in life when it comes to the weekends. Spending quality time with my family, especially my twin daughters and friends is important to me. During holidays, I love finding new places to travel to and explore. There is nothing better than going on a plane to somewhere you have not yet visited.

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