Proudly Green – Part 2

Posted November 29, 2019 in Choosing a School, School News By Community Relations

Wesley has a whole-College approach to sustainability. In part 1 we looked at the Junior School. Now, let’s cross Swan Street for part 2 – the Middle School.

The Middle School is also joining the march towards a greener Wesley College. Year 6 students have been joining forces with GreenBatch, a company that is working towards building Western Australia’s first plastic recycling facility. As a component of this partnership, students in Business Ventures classes have been tasked with creating stickers for bins, with hope that they will indicate more clearly what waste should be in each bin.

The Middle School’s involvement with GreenBatch was completely driven by a Year 10 student, Patrick Arthur (10J). After attending a United Nations run program that featured a guest speaker from GreenBatch, Patrick returned to the College with a dream.

‘After hearing that talk, I knew it was something we could implement at Wesley,’ said Patrick. ‘We already have five or so 3D printers and the plastics that are recycled through GreenBatch could be used as filaments.’



As a result of his newfound interest in caring for the environment, Patrick was invited to be one of the two students involved with the Sustainability Committee.

‘Sustainability at Wesley, for me, is all about reducing our impact on the environment so that the pristine location that we are in is well-maintained for future Wesleyans and members of the community. Many students, including myself at times, see sustainability as a bit of a chore. It is often easier to put your waste in the nearest bin. I see Wesley joining up with GreenBatch as a bit of a legacy that I can leave behind. It is not as if I have come to Wesley for an education and will graduate and that is it. I will have been able to help the College for the better—and that’s pretty exciting,’ he explained.


This article first appeared in the Wesley College magazine, The Wesleyan. To read more articles from our Sustainability-themed edition, please click here.

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