Peter Trend wins AMT Teacher Award

Posted November 7, 2019 in Announcements By Community Relations

Peter Trend has worked at Wesley College for an amazing 46 years! Whilst he has held a number of positions, his primary focus and main sense of reward have been in association with the mathematics classroom.

For a number of years he taught an elective semester-long course in Year 10 entitled Additional Mathematics. This course was taught flexibly by catering for student interest, and often involved topics such as chaos and fractals, game theory, topology and simulation to name a few.

In recent years, Peter has coordinated and run the Middle School Mathematics Enrichment Program at the College. The program provides opportunities for young mathematicians to collaborate on challenging problems and to extend their thinking beyond the traditional mathematics curriculum.

The Australian Maths Trust (AMT) Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians features as a key component of this program, and students complete both the Challenge and the Enrichment stages throughout the year, as well as the CAT and Australian Mathematics Competitions.

Peter’s passion for, and knowledge of, mathematics and its rich history are unquestionable and he has inspired many thousands of students. With his teaching career drawing to a close this year, he is a worthy recipient of the AMT Teacher Award.

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