May 1 Staff News, Student News

Glen Gerreyn impresses parents and students

Glen Gerreyn gave an exceptional WES Talk to a packed room of parents yesterday.

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Apr 25 Opinion

Wesley’s unique ANZAC Day tradition, to remember the 56 Old Boys who gave their lives for our nation

Today is ANZAC Day. For many of you who have attended our OWCA ANZAC Day Service before, Wesley College’s tradition of the vacant chair is well-known.

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Apr 15 Staff News, Student News

Meet the Year 6 pupil studying Year 11 Mathematics

Wesley College was delighted when The Sunday Times chose to recognise the efforts of one of our pupils this week. Joel Bariss is to be found in Year 6 lessons for most subjects, but when it comes to Mathematics Joel and his classmates head in different directions so Joel can study with Year 11 pupils. His acceleration…

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Apr 13 Opinion

Tips to get young children reading

Creating a love of reading will help your child associate happiness and good memories with settling into a good book!

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Apr 11 Opinion

How To Help Your Child Manage Their Worry

When we picture a child with anxiety, we often think of a withdrawn, quiet soul who avoids making decisions and eye contact. However, the reality is these children can also present with temper tantrums or repetitive behaviours. What they all have in common is the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. It is an uncomfortable, distressing condition whichever form it takes.

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Apr 11 Staff News, Student News

Mr Ross Barron named as new Head of College

As the 8th Head of College, Mr Barron will begin his five-year appointment in January 2019, through to our 100th anniversary year in 2023.

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Apr 6 Staff News, Student News

Science in action

Seven weeks of exciting talks by Wesley College Scientist in Residence, Richard Tonello, literally ended with a bang as the engaging astronomer made use of the Science Centre’s Drop Zone.

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Apr 3 Staff News, Student News

Susan Mclean visits Wesley College with positive reviews

Last week saw another successful WES Talks presentation unfold. Susan Mclean, Australia’s foremost expert in the area of Cybersafety and young people, visited Wesley to speak about the positive benefits of technology as well as what parents need to be aware of.

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Mar 29 Opinion

Rev Nalin Perera’s Easter reflection

It costs a lot to choose to embrace the fullness and richness of God’s creation, rather than functioning within the limited views of conventional wisdom. However, I believe embracing such foolishness is the only choice to be made, no matter what it costs, even if we are isolated as a minority for being “different.

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