Rites of Passage have always been a part of coming of age, the crucial journey from boy to man, but too often today we forego these life-affirming experiences in favour of pressure, stress, and an expectation that young members of their society move too quickly towards the demands of adulthood.


At Wesley College, we take a different approach.

For one term during Year 8, Wesley boys undergo a transformation. Students are removed from the main campus to the Western Australian Rowing Club in the Perth CBD. Instead of daily classes, students learn to tap into understanding of self, operate effectively in teams, and integrate as motivated and effective members of their communities.

We call it Katitjin.



Usually, this unique experience is only available to Wesley College students, but on Tuesday 25 August we’ll be opening our doors and inviting interested children and parents to see what Katitjin offers.

We’re still working on the details, so watch this space, but potential events will include hands-on events at our campus, a trip across the river to the Rowing Club, activities in the Supreme Court Garden, and snacks with a view!

Places are limited, so if you want to get your name on the list straight away, simply email your details to: communityrelations@wesley.wa.edu.au