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At Wesley College, we take great pride in our ability to provide a welcoming environment for our international students; allowing them to thrive at both academic and co-curricular activities.

Evidence of our international students achieving excellence was compelling this year considering the incredible feats of Jacky (Year 12), who was awarded the 2017 Dux of School. In addition to being crowned Dux, Jacky won the Mathematics Methods Prize, the Olive Mason Prize for Mathematics Specialist, the D.P. Carter Chemistry Prize and the Physics Prize. It capped an incredible year for Jacky, who also captained the 1st Badminton team to the Brother Kelly Badminton Cup following a perfect 12-0 season.

Of the 25 students currently studying at Wesley on international visas, 14 reside in the Boarding House.

Lei (Year 11) and Jason (Year 10) both joined Wesley as boarders in Year 9 and have embraced the holistic education on offer by the College.

Jason, from Guangzhou in China, has immersed himself in the co-curricular activities on offer at Wesley and has become a strong conduit between international and local students.

‘I chose Wesley because I talked to some boys who had been here previously, and were really positive about the culture of the Boarding House and how everyone looks out for one another. I wanted to be part of that and, so far, that has been the most enjoyable part of the experience for me,’ Jason said.

Jason is currently undertaking his recreational skipper’s ticket and is an avid rower, ensuring he spends plenty of his spare time on the Swan River.

‘I love the weekend activities and experiences; there is always so much happening and plenty of fun events, all the boarders are like a family,’ he said.

An effervescent personality, Jason took no time to forge relationships with boarders from rural WA, a stark contrast to his background in China.

‘The goal is to come here to learn new things. It’s not about coming here to talk the language you know with only others who know it. To get the most out of the experience you have to get involved in sports and activities and spend time with local students,’ he said.

Lei, from Hangzhou in China, is entering Year 12 next year and believes the academic support offered at Wesley has made the transition to learning in a secondary language much more manageable.

‘Living in the Boarding House has been great for me, it gives me lots of opportunity to study, through access to tutors who work with me on areas that I need to improve,’ Lei said.

‘My teachers have also been helpful, they’ve looked at how I study and what is the best process for me. I have also been able to pick courses relevant to my future, which is very helpful. We also get involved in community service so you learn about society and broader Australian culture,’ he said.

While the initial step to leap into an international education can be daunting and has its challenges, both Jason and Lei agree that Wesley has been the perfect place for them to adjust.

‘The language barrier is very hard at the beginning but as the time goes you become used to it and get better and better,’ Jason said.

‘It’s a process but I’ve appreciated the opportunity to come to Wesley, I definitely feel a part of the Wesley community,’ Lei said.

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