Richard Humphry (50-54-56)

‘We might live in a specialist world but there is still a very significant role for the generalist. It is not enough to have one discipline only but rather strive to be multi-disciplined. It is important to keep in mind that while you can be taught techniques and skills, it is judgement that will make you a winner. This is what categorises the innovative spirit of Australia and what makes us among the world’s most capable people.’ – RICHARD HUMPHRY, OUR MAN AT SEABY SUE EMMETT, 1994.

Richard entered Hardey House at Wesley College in 1950 at ten years of age.

He first worked at the Bank of New South Wales in Western Australia as a bank clerk but specialised as a computer systems analyst. A public service career followed in the Federal Departments of Treasury, Finance and Defence (1962–86).

Richard was appointed Auditor-General for Victoria (1986–88). He was recruited by the Premier of New South Wales and appointed Director-General of the NSW Premier’s Department (1988–94).

By 1994 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the Australian Stock Exchange, during which time, in 1998, the ASX became the first exchange in the world to simultaneously demutualise and list on its own exchange. He also was the President of the Commonwealth Remuneration Tribunal from 1998, Chairman of the Australian Financial Institute from 1990, and Director of State Super Financial Services. He was a member of the Foreign Affairs Council and was on the Board of the Business Council of Australia.

Richard was made an Officer of the Order of Australia and won the International Federation of Accountants Award in 1988.

Since retiring in 2004, Richard has pursued a non-executive director career, presently Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committees of HSBC Bank Australia, BUPA Health Insurance, UGL Ltd and Chairman of the Finance Committee Taronga Conservation Society of Australia, which administers Taronga and Dubbo Zoos.