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Posted January 6, 2022 in Opinion, The Wesleyan By Community Relations

At the beginning of 2021, I spoke about my desire for everyone across the College to embrace the idea of ‘taking it to the next level’. I could see that everyone was doing their personal best, so it was time to see what we could do to go even further.


On a worldwide level, the last couple of years have been unusual, but that hasn’t stopped the Wesley community from striding forwards. I’ve seen it in every aspect of school life—from the day-to-day academics to outside the classroom.

I see it in activities such as the Scientist-in-Residence, Katitjin, Wesley NEXT and the planning for the reimagined Performing Arts and Dance Studio. In every aspect of school life, there has been a lifting of the quality and engagement.

Naturally, while we evolve, we keep sight of our heritage.

I speak to a lot of parents and alumni and one message that keeps coming through is that the fundamental values of Wesley run deep through everything we do.

I remain proud that our history and traditions are never lost in our efforts to be continually progressive.

We’re not risk-averse, we’re innovative. We’re not cavalier, but we are constantly pushing the envelope.

This edition of The Wesleyan focusses on milestones.

From my perspective, there are so many signature moments that are adding value to our young people that it’s hard to single out specifics.

However, I often ask students: ‘what are the things you’d change about Wesley and what are the best things about being here?’

The negatives are pretty minor—it turns out that nobody likes homework, neat haircuts or the mobile phone policy—but when we start talking about the positives, the conversation comes back to the way Wesley instils a genuine desire to look after others.

If a student is struggling, their peers will get around them without a second thought.

This is not a milestone linked to a specific program or event, however, this is an absolutely vital milestone in terms of what it is to be human. It’s a developmental milestone that, I believe, is essential to a happy and productive life.

Of course, we offer a world-class education, but that’s not the totality of what a student receives during their time at Wesley. Really, it’s about a way of thinking.

When our students graduate, we believe they are ready to move into the world with a philosophy of always giving their best, always having a crack, but also celebrating their friends and applauding their achievements. We work to create an environment where students are happy to dare and to do.

And that’s a milestone I’m especially pleased to celebrate.


This article first appeared in the Summer 2021 issue of The Wesleyan. To read more, click here

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