Five podcasts you should be listening to, now!

Posted July 8, 2019 in Parenting Tips & Advice By Community Relations

Ms Lynette McGivern, Director of Service Learning & Leadership, shares her top five podcasts, perfect listening for over the holidays.

In no particular order:

Caliphate – Rukmini Callimachi was embedded as a journalist with the US military and would enter Islamic State buildings after they had been cleared of danger by the army, and collect documents so she could compile documentary evidence on their activities. The reporting, the discoveries, everything about this is compelling!

Action for Happiness – Described as ‘talking with experts about what matters most in life.’ Episode 10 with Dr Andrew Parnham about finding meaning and fulfilment is a must listen.

Wilosophy – Comedian Wil Anderson interviews prominent Australians about all sorts of things. While funny, they also offer much deeper insights into people and issues. My favourite is the interview with Fox Sports presenter Neroli Meadows.

Pod Save America – A sometimes humorous and sometimes serious look at US politics. Lots of material to work with now the selection process has begun.

Conversations – An oldie but a goodie! A great way to kill time on long drives. See if you can find the episode from 2017 with Genevieve Bell on the future of artificial intelligence.


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