Welcome to Chaplaincy at Wesley College. Since its commencement in 1923, firstly as a College of the Methodist Church, then after Union in 1977 of the Uniting Church in Australia, Wesley has had a strong emphasis on pastoral care, not only for current students and staff, but also for families, former students and the wider community.

As such, an ordained Minister of the Uniting Church is appointed by the Synod and Presbytery of Western Australia to undertake the duties of Chaplain in a manner not dissimilar to the appointment of a minister to a congregation. The Chaplain’s role and responsibilities are set out in Uniting Church in Australia Regulation 2.2.1 “Duties of a Minister”.

Wesley College has enjoyed long and stable chaplaincy appointments, a role currently undertaken by Rev Manie Strydom. In addition to leading services for the College and at important ceremonial occasions within the broader life of the College community, the Chaplain also undertakes pastoral counselling and faith preparation.

The Uniting Church recognises the breadth of faith expression within the life of the College, with over 15 faith traditions represented among the student and staff body. The College also acknowledges those who, by choice or uncertainty, chose to embrace no faith tradition. The College is an inclusive community and within that framework, the Chaplain is responsible for the spiritual guidance of the College, undertaking such responsibility in collaboration with the broader pastoral care team.

As a Faith Community under the oversight of the Presbytery of Western Australia, the Chaplain is authorised to administer the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, welcome people into the life of the Church through Confirmation and officiate at marriages and funerals.

This pastoral responsibility embraces students and their families; staff and their families; the wider Wesley College community, including Old Wesleyans.