Aug 25 Co-Curricular, Interviews & Spotlights, Opinion, Teacher Spotlights

Spotlight On: Lynette McGivern

Ms Lynette McGivern is the Director of Service Learning and Leadership at Wesley College. She tells us about her passion for volunteering and family.

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Aug 4 Interviews & Spotlights, Opinion, Parenting Tips & Advice, Teacher Spotlights

Spotlight On: Mathew Irving

Mr Mathew Irving is the Deputy Head (Academics and Strategy) at Wesley College. He gives us an insight into what business strategy looks like in a competitive school landscape.


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Jan 28 Opinion

The Promise of a New School Year – can a leopard really change its spots?

With the new College year starting this week, we ask: can a leopard really change its spots? Our Director of Service Learning and Leadership, Lynette McGivern believes so.

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Jan 27 Opinion

What is personal excellence?

In the Summer issue of The Wesleyan, Headmaster Mr Ross Barron looked at the subject of personal excellence. This is what he wrote: Personal excellence is a topic I have returned to repeatedly as Headmaster. For me, the ongoing advance toward personal excellence is now an important part of our vocabulary when discussing life at…

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Jan 20 Opinion

Who are the Wesleyanas?

The Wesleyana Club at Wesley College has been going strong for more than 55 years. President Patsy Russell-Lane takes a moment to explain who they are.

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Jan 6 Opinion

The Pursuit of Personal Excellence

Wesley College Chaplain Reverend Nalin Perera reflects on his own view of personal excellence. What does it mean for him – and our students?

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Dec 4 Opinion

An Advent message from our College Chaplain, Rev Nalin Perera

My greetings to the entire Wesley Community – past, present and future. We are now in the Season of Advent, heralding in the Christmas season. It is a story endlessly told of God’s irretrievable commitment to all humankind. However, in our very frenzy-driven commercial environment, it is often a little difficult to talk of the…

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Oct 30 Opinion

The importance of commitment

Commitment comes in many forms. In his book Outliers—The Story of Success Malcolm Gladwell propagated the statement, ‘researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.’ That’s proved true for our teachers, who put in countless hours that pupils and parents don’t see, working on preparation, reflection,…

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Oct 4 Opinion

The hustle behind Wesley’s bustle

When Wesley College is humming along at its best, it runs like a well-oiled machine. Of course, like a machine, there are a lot of cogs — that you can’t always see — working smoothly together to make the passing of the hours seem effortless for the students. But it is this commitment — from…

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