Jan 17 Interviews & Spotlights, Wyvern-Corner-Office

Philip Thick – It’s about more than money

In August 2016, the newly-appointed General Manager of Tianqi Lithium Australia, Philip Thick (72-76), faced the prospect of constructing the World’s Largest Lithium processing facility. Over the next four years, Philip would steer the revolutionary $400 million project to new heights by employing over 200 West Australians and supplying lithium to the battery-hungry technology sector.…

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Dec 16 Interviews & Spotlights, Wyvern-Corner-Office

Dr Nicholas Coatsworth – Doctor in the House

Dr Nicholas Coatsworth (85-95) was awarded the Philip Goatcher Scholarship for Year 11 and 12 and named College Captain in his final year. After leaving Wesley, Nick worked as a doctor in some of the world’s most war-torn countries, including Congo-Brazzaville, Chad and the Darfur region of Sudan.

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Aug 11 Interviews & Spotlights, Wyvern-Corner-Office

Chris Blyth – Calm in a Crisis

Associate Professor Christopher Blyth (87-91), is a busy man! He is a Paediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist and NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow. He is co-director of the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases and Associate Professor of Paediatrics.

His focus is treating children with complicated infections and prevention infection through vaccination. As a current parent, he was one of the College’s ‘go to’ experts when we needed advice during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Feb 10 Interviews & Spotlights, Wyvern-Corner-Office

Brad Russell-Lane – Getting the Balance Right

After 30 years at Woodside Energy, Brad Russell-Lane (81-85) stepped away from paid employment to focus on the things most important to him – family, volunteering, mentoring others and his hobbies. A proven leader and former Vice President of Supply Chain/Logistics and Commercial at Woodside, Brad knows what businesses look for in potential employees, and has a strong understanding of what it takes to be a positive leader.

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Nov 28 Interviews & Spotlights, Wyvern-Corner-Office

Allen Thomas’ Foucault Pendulum

Allen Thomas’ Foucault pendulum sits in the Mildred Manning Science Centre for the Wesley College community to enjoy. But what is?

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Nov 13 Interviews & Spotlights, Wyvern-Corner-Office

Grant Vernon – Calling the Shots

As the first non-Victorian to umpire in the Australian Football League (AFL), it is safe to say that Grant Vernon (77-81) has a story or two to share.

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Aug 20 Interviews & Spotlights, Wyvern-Corner-Office

Richard Humphry – Keeping Stock of Australia

In this edition of Wyvern Corner Office, Richard Humphry discusses his career pathway. Having worked in a range of jobs before securing the position of CEO of the Australian Stock Exchange, Richard is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working in the financial world.

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Jun 6 Interviews & Spotlights, Wyvern-Corner-Office

Dr Craig Challen tells Wesley College his story

The first of The Headmaster’s Daring Lecture Series was something special. The guest was Australian of the Year, Dr Craig Challen, who spoke to Mr Barron about his heroic efforts as part of an international rescue mission to save 12 boys from flooded caves in Thailand.

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May 15 Interviews & Spotlights, Wyvern-Corner-Office

The Carter Brothers – caring for the community

Through a maintained belief that the mark of a community is how it looks after its more vulnerable members, identical twins Ian (69-72) and Alan (69-72) Carter have built legacies around the pursuit of social justice.

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