Why is boarding at Wesley College so special?

Posted November 28, 2019 in Choosing a School By Community Relations

This year, Wesley College received the prestigious Australian Education Award for Boarding School of the Year. We take a look at what makes being a boarder at Wesley such a fulfilling experience.

The Australian Education Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of the country’s top-performing schools and our award recognises Wesley College as the most outstanding boarding school in Australia based on a range of criteria including:

  • Consistently high standards of teaching and learning
  • Academic and other achievements
  • Rigorous professional learning to improve teaching and curriculum delivery
  • Strong communication links with students, parents, teachers and the wider community
  • Effective management of facilities, finances and human resources
  • Demonstrated commitment to innovation and continuous improvement
  • Provision of a supportive home environment focussed on student wellbeing



To celebrate the award, we spoke to different members of the community to see why they think boarding at Wesley is so special.


‘For me, living and working in the Boarding House means that you become part of a special community, within the larger Wesley community. This community is unique in that whilst it is only a small section of the College, it reaches out further and encompasses the whole of Western Australia and some international areas. Therefore, this community bands together strongly to support one another, embracing different cultures and backgrounds.’

Rodney Steer, Head of Boarding


‘There is an understanding in the Boarding House that it is a second home for all of the boarders. That means that it is a fun environment and you do feel as if you’re surrounded by students and staff who you can trust.’

Declan Nicholls, 2019 Boarding Captain


‘I know that sometimes as boarders we can take the Boarding House for granted, but if we take a step back and compare it to other schools, Wesley Boarding is amazing. The facilities, the fairness, the food, the learning environment, the community… it’s all great.’

Darcy Kirby (9C)


‘I like the way there is so much support in the Boarding House and you have lots of people to talk to. There are the Year Coordinators, Residents on Duty, Prefects and your mates. Having all these people to turn to really helps with dealing with things like homesickness.’

Cyril Jones (701)



‘I love being part of the Boarding community. Everyone is so inclusive and it really is one big family. I love how the students come in as young boys and leave as fine young men. It really is a privilege to watch and I acknowledge the sacrifices the parents make to ensure their sons get the best education possible.’

Sharyn Lynch, Boarding House Administration Assistant


‘The positioning of the Boarding House makes it easy for us to head off-campus. We are so close to the foreshore and the shops on Angelo Street. We get a lot more freedom as Wesley boarders to go out to these sorts of places.’

Jerome Wachter (802)


‘The different activities that are organised with students from all ages and cultural backgrounds means that the Boarding House is really inclusive.’

Hanze (Jason) Xiao (12C), Cygnet House Captain


‘There are so many layers of community and involvement within the Boarding House. Students are not just restricted to hanging out with those in their same year group. Parents don’t just drop their children at the door and leave – they stay and chat. The staff are present beyond their rostered hours. You see the young kids of staff running around the Dining Hall and understand that it is more than a job. Wesley Boarding is all-inclusive.’

Thomas Goodheart (09-15), Resident on Duty


‘There are so many things that we can do that are right on our doorstep. The courts, ovals, pool and gym are all available for us to use. We never get bored.’

Thomas Gordon (10T)



This article first appeared in the Wesley College magazine, The Wesleyan. To read more articles from Summer 2019 edition, please click here.


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