Oct 31 Athletics, Choosing a School

Sport for Life at Wesley

Now in its third year of operation, our Long-term Athletic Development and High Performance Program (LTAD) continues to drive a ‘Sport for Life’ culture at Wesley.

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May 30 Academics, Choosing a School

Academic Success and Engagement for All

At Wesley, we open doors to students rather than close them. We celebrate individuality and take the time to get to know our students. We recognise that each child has unique talents, abilities and learning needs and, therefore, the College strives to implement a rich and varied curriculum that provides equal opportunity and academic rigour. Central…

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Apr 12 Academics, Choosing a School

Continuous Improvement

At Wesley, we believe that every student has the capacity to learn, grow and improve. To ensure students are continuing to make gains, each child is supported to reflect on their work and achievement, plan goals and work to achieve them. Additionally, they are encouraged to actively respond to teacher feedback and connect with their…

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Feb 2 Parenting Tips & Advice

The 7Cs your child needs for success

Parents and teachers appear to be facing ever-increasing pressures to help children lead successful lives, clouded by an uncertain future. It seems that every time we turn on the TV or radio, read an article or follow a social media thread, we are being told that we need to improve the learning and life outcomes of our children.

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