Sep 5 Blog

Why alcohol is much more dangerous in the hands of people under 25

David Gillespie is a lawyer and social researcher, who has been delving into the complex business of the teenage brain and in 2019 released his latest book, Teen Brain. David has been invited to speak at Wesley College about why screens are making your teenager depressed, anxious and prone to lifelong addictive illnesses – and…

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Jun 20 Blog

Three mistakes to avoid when choosing a boarding school for your child

As someone who has spent a large proportion of their adult life working and living in boarding school communities, I would like to offer you some of my own personal views and advice. Here are three areas where I think you would be well advised to slow down and think through your options before choosing a…

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Apr 18 Blog, Opinion

Chaplain’s Easter Message

‘Love is the future eternal light shining in the present.’   Imagine a word that everyone knew but no one ever explained. Imagine if that word named an experience that everyone was supposed to have but no one could explain where to find. Almost everyone in the world seemed to want more of it; the…

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Apr 12 Academics, Blog

Continuous Improvement

At Wesley, we believe that every student has the capacity to learn, grow and improve. To ensure students are continuing to make gains, each child is supported to reflect on their work and achievement, plan goals and work to achieve them. Additionally, they are encouraged to actively respond to teacher feedback and connect with their…

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Mar 1 Blog

Four lessons you can teach with a leaf!

Today marks the start of Autumn here in Perth. After a long, hot summer it’s a relief for all of us. Well, all of us who don’t have deciduous trees dropping endless leaves in the garden.

But, as you find yourself suddenly surrounded by nature’s debris why not seize the moment to use it as a teaching opportunity for your child?

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