Katitjin – To Listen and To Learn

Katitjin is a term-long experiential education program, unique to Wesley. ‘Katitjin’ is a Nyoongar term meaning ‘to listen and to learn’. For one term in Year 8, students are taken away from the traditional classroom into a range of challenging and inspirational environments, to explore self-awareness, team dynamics and community.


The program is conducted primarily in the Perth CBD, based at the West Australian Rowing Club. Students are encouraged to:

  • Develop and nurture an understanding of self and leadership skills;
  • Develop team dynamics through a variety of challenges;
  • Engender greater engagement and commitment to the pursuit of learning;
  • Develop an outward looking focus through experiences linked to community service;
  • Apply knowledge and skills to a real life context.


Katitjin incorporates a series of project-based learning initiatives, incorporating themes such as social justice and outdoor education experiences, which continue to integrate all key learning areas of the curriculum.


Morapoi 4


This innovative program aims to challenge and extend students and take them outside their comfort zones within a supportive environment. Katitjin is staffed by two specialist teachers, with added expertise contributed from the Middle School tutor teachers. Ongoing research indicates there are a range of significant benefits to students after completing a term of Katitjin.