College Management

‘We are making traditions… On what we build in these first few years will depend the character of the school that is to be.’

J.F. Ward, Wesley’s first headmaster, speech day, December 1923

College Council


The management of Wesley is vested in the Wesley College Council, which delegates responsibility for the operation of the College to the Headmaster and the Director of Finance.


Members of College Council:


Mr Jim Walker, Chair

Mr David Gee, Headmaster

Rev Steve Francis, Moderator

Mr Warren Baillie

Mr Matt Braysher

Dr Ross Goodheart

Mrs Cheryl Haak

Mr Richard Hayes

Mr Greg Ruthven

Ms Rabia Siddique

Mr Grant Vernon

Ms Kristie Young




In attendance:


Mr Geoff Searle (Director of Finance)

Mr Nathan Jessup (Deputy Head)

College Executive


The College Executive is primarily responsible for the strategic leadership of the College.


The College Executive consists of:


Mr David Gee, Headmaster

Mr Nathan Jessup, Deputy Head

Mr Geoff Searle, Director of Finance

Mr Brad Hilliard, Head of Middle School

Mrs Maria Hodges, Head of Junior School

Ms Mary Henry, Director Community Relations

Mr Mathew Irving, Director of Strategy

Mrs Dee Bignell, Manager of Human Resources