A Picture of Belonging

Posted May 20, 2020 in Announcements By Community Relations

The beauty of the various journeys boarders take to get to Wesley College has been depicted in a new painting.


At the end of 2019, Mr Michael Spratt, the Moorditj Mob cultural advisor was asked to come up with a painting that depicted Wesley Boarding. He worked on this exceptional creation with boarder Liam Wicks-Manado. It was unveiled to the students at the farewell dinner where copies of the painting were used as gifts for departing staff. Since then, we have organised a digital copy of the painting and Michael has written a piece about the meaning behind his work.

As we’re in currently celebrating National Boarding Week with The Australian Boarding Schools Association it seems the perfect time to share!



Mr Spratt writes:

This painting reveals the outline of Western Australia where the colours of orange and red, symbolise the dry and barren landscapes of Western Australia.

The white lines with black markings depict the story of the journey for the boarding house families.  The white line leads from the mainland to represent the boarding families that come from all across the world.

These lines lead to Perth (Wadjuk Noongar Boodjar) where you can see the symbols of two people sitting, revealing a strong connection between Wesley boarding and the wider community.

Lastly, the ocean is filled with green and blue which reflects Wesley’s colours, but also the healthy environment within the Wesley College Boarding House.



2019 Boarding School of the Year- Wesley College Perth

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