Five tips to get ahead in mining & gas

Posted March 5, 2021 in Interviews & Spotlights By Community Relations

Our recent Mining & Gas Careers Uncovered event was a great success. Here, panellist Jason Yazdani (10-15), BHP Data Scientist Graduate, shares what he took away from the evening.


Jason Yazdani (10-15)


When I was asked to be one of the panellists at the Mining & Gas Careers Uncovered event my first reaction was to be apprehensive and unsure if I would add any value to the evening – but I decided to participate. One of my key takeaways from the evening was to overcome these fears you may have about your inexperience or lack of knowledge and jump at opportunities when they arise.

It was certainly a privilege to be on such a high-calibre panel, which really makes me appreciate the wealth of wisdom and life-experience the Wesley community has to offer (Old Boys, community members and staff). The highlight of the evening for me was not the formal Q&A though, it was the opportunity to have conversations with students afterwards to hear about their ambitions and goals, and what steps they were taking to achieve them.

Here are the top five messages I took from the event:


Resources will underpin the transition to a ‘green’ world

It is fair to say that the resources industry can sometimes get a bad reputation when it comes to environmental sustainability, but in fact it is the resources industry that will be driving the transition to renewable forms of power. Metals such as copper (used to construct wind turbines) and nickel (the major component of the batteries in electric vehicles) are becoming more prominent here in Australia. Even the oil and gas industries are exploring new technologies surrounding ‘green’ hydrogen for future fuels.

We are lucky enough to be working at the forefront of technological advancement (actually using similar tech to NASA!) so it just makes sense that the new innovations required on the pathway to a carbon-neutral society will come from within the resources industry.


Prepare for your interviews

Interviewers will likely be speaking to hundreds of applicants as you apply for internships, traineeships and graduate positions – showing that you have prepared for your interview will help you stand out from the pack.

Research the company you are applying for – in particular any core values on their website. Think of some practical examples of where you have demonstrated these values – it could be in your schooling, part-time job, volunteer work or on the sporting field. Prepare some questions to ask during the interview to turn it into a more natural conversation.



Reach out to mentors

All of the panellists, despite many working in high-pressure jobs where they are responsible for hundreds of people, strongly encouraged anyone to get in touch and ask questions. This is a wonderful way to build your network whilst also gaining advice from industry experts. As I alluded to earlier, successful people appreciate when they see others step out of their comfort zone and reach out directly even though it may take some courage to overcome this fear.

More specifically, LinkedIn can be a great social media tool to connect. All panellists did warn, however, of the importance of having a ‘clean’ social media account as prospective employers will look you up!


Mining & Gas has something for everyone

There are few industries I can think of where almost any field can be practiced in. Whether it’s engineering, mathematics, finance, law, or even physiotherapy there are roles to be found in the mining and gas industry. This diversity of options also means that you are not locked into any specific career path, with many of the panellists switching between roles to end up where they are today.


Be passionate

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that employers want passionate people as they know that they will deliver the best outcomes. It is your ability to share this passion with interviewers and demonstrate why you want the job which will set you up for success.

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