2020 Prefects Inducted

Posted October 30, 2019 in Announcements, School News By Community Relations

Our 2020 Prefects have officially been inducted!

Thank you to the 2019 Prefects who led by example with compassion and humility. Congratulations to our new College leaders, we’re excited to see what can be achieved in 2020!

College Captain: Connor Fitzgerald

College Vice-captain: Miles John

Chair of SRC: Harrison Beeck

Boarding Captain: Bryn Hamersley

Academic Prefect: Joel Cheng

Arts Prefect: Jonathan Parker

Faith and Service Prefect: Temiloluwa Obadua

Junior School Prefect: Savva Lazidis

Middle School Prefect: Mitchell Nixon

Sports Prefect: Cain Evans

Cygnet House Captain: Angus Luers

Dickson House Captain: Travis Crane

Grove House Captain: Dillon Monteiro

Hardey House Captain: Robert Sarich

Jenkins House Captain: Spencer Briers

Mofflin House Captain: Marshall Brown

Tranby House Captain: Jack Harvey

Walton House Captain: Max Boniwell

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