Charlie McIntyre and Reuben Ginbey awarded OWCA scholarships for 2021

Posted January 15, 2021 in Announcements, Opinion, School News, The Wesleyan By Community Relations

Meet our latest scholarship recipients for 2021! Reuben Ginbey (11C) and Charlie McIntyre (11J) give us an insight into their connection back to Wesley through the OWCA.


Reuben Ginbey (11C):

What does the future hold for you?

My dream is to play in the AFL for sure. That involves me playing for the East Perth Colts and eventually in the WAFL before being drafted from there. I recognise that it is important to keep all my options open and will do my best at school and be able to go on to university. I want to be able to pick my path in the future, so I need to work hard now to give myself those opportunities.


Your grandfather, Bob (Robert) Ginbey (54-60) was College Captain. Is there anything he said about Wesley that has stuck with you?

He would always mention the whole experience he got out of Wesley. Mateship, opportunities and sports. As College Captain he said it made him a better man and helped him develop his strong character. Other than that, it was always old football tales and other sporting memories that he loved talking about.


What excites you most about Wesley?

All the new opportunities and pathways that come with joining a school like Wesley and living in a big city like Perth. It has been a challenge adapting to an all-boys school and one of this size. However, I have been welcomed with open arms and the comradery found in the Boarding House is awesome. It hasn’t taken long for me to be a passionate member of Cygnet!


What does the Mildred Manning Scholarship mean to you?

It has given me an opportunity to attend this school and experience some truly unique opportunities. A past staff member wrote me a letter explaining who Mrs Mildred Manning was and the impact she had as a teacher. As I came to understand more about her it reinforced the significance of this scholarship and I would like to thank the OWCA President and Committee for providing me with this scholarship.



Charlie McIntyre (11J):

Tell us about your time at Wesley so far?

I started at Wesley in Year 7. Moving from a smaller primary school into a big school like Wesley was quite daunting. It seemed like everyone knew each other, however, it did not take long for me to adjust and really embrace everything Wesley has to offer. The experience I have enjoyed the most would have to be Katitjin. It’s a completely different type of schooling, where we could explore the city, river and country. I realised that I could have my own responsibilities and freedom and really discovered who I wanted to be. I was also fortunate enough to be part of the 1st XI Hockey Team that won the Ray House Cup this year.


Your father, Murray McIntyre (87-91) is an Old Collegian. What is one thing he has shared or taught you about being a student at Wesley?

Something he always reminds me of at home is to make the most of the opportunities here and ‘don’t waste it’. He does not want me to just stroll through school, rather really embrace all the choices I have attending Wesley and to take it seriously. It also applies to everything outside of Wesley and helps me to not be complacent.


What does the OWCA Presidents’ Scholarship mean to you?

It is a very prestigious award, and I would like to thank the interview panel and OWCA President, Mr Greg Brown (82-86), for awarding it to me. A lot of past recipients have gone on to be College prefects or leaders in the community and I hope that I can follow in their footsteps.


What is the best bad decision you’ve ever made?

It probably relates to the question you asked about what my father taught me. I took my foot off the pedal during Year 9 and probably didn’t make the most of my opportunities and study. Fortunately, I experienced that feeling then and I would have to say I have learnt a lot from that year.

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